At ‘Sunshine For The Soul – Beauty Therapy & Organic Skincare’ – we care passionately about protecting our clients and our environment. We believe in ‘green beauty’ – certified organic skincare – beauty results without the synthetic chemicals, toxins & micro-beads included in many beauty products.

Synthetic chemicals, toxins and micro-beads not only pollute our body – but they end up being washed away down the plug hole and ultimately affect our oceans and marine life as they are not biodegradable or reef friendly.

As beauty professionals we are accustomed to making others feel beautiful, but with rising environmental concerns about the depletion of our Earths natural resources, it has become our social responsibility to turn our attention to the beauty of the world we are living in – to preserve it and protect it for generations to come.

For this reason we are very proud to have teamed up with LOVEmyBEACH – a campaign with a huge challenge: to work together to keep our local beaches and bathing waters clean.

So are you ready for our challenge – can you help Sunshine For The Soul & LOVEmyBEACH to make a difference?!

We are proud to have been asked by LOVEmyBEACH to be part of this video – please watch to find out how you can make a difference.