Women don’t stop being women just because they have cancer – yet it’s hard to believe that once diagnosed, women are often refused beauty treatments at salons and spa’s due to lack of oncology training.

The battle against cancer marks a time when relaxation and specialist skincare advice is needed most. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can have a devastating affect on both the mind and body – greatly affecting body image and self confidence.

Skincare concerns for cancer patients

The top skincare concerns for women being treated for cancer are:

  • Hair loss
  • Dehydration
  • Itchiness
  • Sensitivity 
  • Inflammation
  • Rashes/hives
  • Pigmentation
  • Fragile skin prone to bruising/bleeding
  • Premature ageing

When considering beauty treatments look for a certified oncology skincare therapist. Training and certification are imperative – a proper understanding and knowledge of skincare ingredients such as phytoestrogens are required as some cancers can be hormone responsive.

Also a proper understanding of massage techniques for a cancer patient is very important because surgery such as lymph node removal can cause painful swelling known as lymphedema that can last a lifetime. A certified oncology skincare therapist knows that cancer patients may have a compromised immune system and be extremely susceptible to illness/infection and for that reason they will have impeccable personal & salon hygiene to safeguard against this.

Where can you go for treatments?

The good news is that here at Sunshine For The Soul – Beauty Therapy & Organic Skincare we are oncology skincare specialists! We understand the skincare needs of our clients living with and beyond cancer. We can treat you properly, safely and compassionately with amazing results. Our specialist skincare is 100% natural made with organic ingredients, toxin free, synthetic chemical & paraben free – minimising any additional harm during the fight against cancer. 

Our specialist oncology treatments are tailored to your individual needs – no matter what.

Escape your diagnosis and totally relax in the tranquility of our beautiful salon. Treatments are a completely private VIP experience.

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